How do estate agents value homes?

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You have finally decided to sell your home and you are in touch with a reliable property agent as well. Well property agents are the best people to get in touch with if you wish to sell your property. After all, they are experienced and they have years of skills in their hands too. They have learned the best practice to deliver you the best price for your home and sell your property as fast as they can. Now, along with selling your home fast, they also ensure that you get to have the best price.

However, have you ever wondered what really goes inside the head of the agent while selling your home or how do they really evaluate your home? If you are also thinking about the same, then let us share this knowledgeable piece of information with you.

Before even listing your property in the market, the first thing that the agent does is evaluate your property properly. Since your agent will be local, it means that he will be evaluating your home and comparing the selling price of other homes in the similar area.

Along with this, he or she will also evaluate the surroundings, as well as, the locations also. They will check for other easily available amenities. For instance, how far is the school from your place, how about shopping centers, are there any bus stops nearby? How are the roads? How is the transportation here in your area? All of these things will he the deciding factor for your final selling amount.

In case, if you have done online evaluation of your property, you might have noticed that the online selling price is always different than the real agent buying price. Well, that happens because the online portal has not seen your property physically, however, the local agent knows everything about your property, as well as, about the locality, thus real agents quote different price than the online portal.

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Posted on November 1, 2019

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