What are referencing checks?

After you have finalised a property and you agree to your landlord’s terms and conditions, there will be one small thing left before closing the deal and that is referencing check. So, there are typically two types of referencing, one which is collected by the agents and he or she does the reference check on their own and the second where referencing check process is done by a third-party company.

To begin with the referencing check, you will first have to submit your consent, so that the referencing check process can begin. The information shared by you as a tenant will be checked whether they are legit or not and in case, you have not done referencing check already and this is your first time, then you will have to go for a sing-up process to the referencing organisation. Nothing can proceed, unless you give your consent for the referencing check process.

You will be asked to submit your personal details, your employer details, as well as, previous landlord information also. Along with this, your credit score will also be checked to see if you have missed any payments before.

Now, be absolutely transparent about yourself and be honest while submitting the information. Because referencing check is a big process and it validates whether you are being honest or not, it becomes crucial for you to be transparent. In case, you lie or fail to disclose something, then you will be fagged up and this can increase the chances of you failing the references check process.

In case, if you have poor credit score and you have failed to make payments for the rent before, then the solution that the agent and the landlord may come up with is taking more advance from your prior to entering the property. This way, even your landlord will be able to trust you better.

The landlord may sometimes do referencing check on their own to and may ask for your details. Therefore, always be ready with all the personal information so that you can submit everything on time.

Posted on September 25, 2019

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